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The Great Lakes Alberg Association (GLAA) is no longer in operation. This site will remain available for information purposes only until the expiry of our domain registration. Links may or may not function as expected and we cannot guarantee a response to any inquiries directed to the organisation.

From the Commodore's Desk

Although Margaret created this image and verse for a Christmas wish a few years ago,
the words still seem on point.
Godspeed Madame Commodore.

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Who has a face mask with the GLAA crest on it?

Seeing as how it looks like face masks are shaping up to be the fashion must-have of the decade, this could become a real thing! Don'tchya think?

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The next event on
The Great Lakes Alberg Association calendar


Stay tuned for other event notices which will be posted here and in our calendar when information is available.

To see our most recent Newsletter follow THIS LINK!

The deadline for submissions to next newsletter is September 30, 2021. We want your input for future newsletters, AND FOR THE WEBSITE AS WELL!! Contributions are always welcome. Submit your photos, stories, ideas or anything else you can come up with--we may be on lockdown, but we all must be doing something!--to our newsletter editor, Rob Feeney at rfjfeeney [at] gmail [dot] com .

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Official results
from past Racing Events
are posted on the Racing Page!

These are a few images from the 2018 50th Anniversary Syronelle Classic. You'll find more on our racing page.

It's been getting more and more difficult to run regattas earlier in the season due to the high water levels on Lake Ontario compromising safe boating in many areas. Yet again, the Syronelle Classic had to be cancelled but, thankfully, the Great Lakes Challenge went ahead in August (2018) as always.

The game is afoot!

photo credits: Phoebe Campbell and Rob Feeney

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We now have a spreadsheet document listing the known history of every Alberg 30 by hull number thanks to the efforts of a few good folk from the Chesapeake Bay Alberg group; namely Mike Lehman and Jonathan Bresler.

This is a living document that is always open to revision and updates as and when they become available. Look up your hull number and check out the information. If you know something we don't, let us know and we can update the document.

Follow this link to download a copy of the spreadsheet. (2021-07-26: This link appears to be broken.)

Click here for an archived version of the spreadsheet from October 2017.

Sailing 'Into the Blue'

Richard and Margaret have been living aboard their Alberg 30 'Into The Blue' since 2005.
Their blog tells the story of their journey so far. You will also find an astounding amount of useful information including plenty of detail on modifications they have made to make their Alberg their home.

Looking for something special for the sailor in your life?

We have great gift ideas. For example, these new car decals measure approximately 5 by 8 inches; at only $5.00 each, they will be a very inexpensive addition to your collection of Alberg goodies!

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Please note that, due to unforeseen circumstances, stock of regalia is extremely limited until further notice.
Please contact us via email before placing any order or making an online payment.

Alberg Burgee Decal, $5.00

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Members of The Great Lakes Alberg Association are sailing enthusiasts with two passions--the classic designs of Carl Alberg and the unmatched splendour of the largest fresh water lake system in the world. Alberg designs share a traditional beauty and grace typified by their full keels, spoon bows, wine glass stems and pleasing sheer. They are fast and elegant racers, yet rugged and affordable cruisers.

The Great Lakes Alberg Association welcomes new members to participate in the racing and cruising events, share their experiences and expertise in maintaining their Albergs, and to take advantage of the collective wisdom of fellow Alberg sailors through the articles shared in past Newsletters, the Maintenance pages and the Archives.

Now you can pay your membership dues online.

In addition, membership fees have been reduced to $30 annually for the 2021 season!

The Great Lakes Alberg Association membership fee is only $30 per year for boat owners; $20 annually for crew. For more information on becoming a member please visit our Membership area.


Visit our dedicated Racing Page.

Now with results, pictures and the stories of recent and past racing events!

The GLAA organizes four A30 races each season. Three white sail races are normally held on Lake Ontario and one spinnaker race on the Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis, Maryland. The first race, in June, is the Syronelle Cup between teams from the GLAA against a team of racers from the Chesapeake Alberg Association, using loaner boats. This is a two day event with three races. The second race, the Triangle Cup, is held usually in conjunction with a GLAA rendezvous on Lake Ontario. The third race, the Great Lakes Championship is held in late August. The Rankin Regatta race in the Chesapeake Bay is a two day event with three races between a team from the GLAA, using loaner boats, and some really competitive racers from the Chesapeake Alberg 30 One Design Association (some parts of this site are still under construction as of September 2021). The winner of each race gets a trophy, a keeper trophy and flags are awarded as well.

While the emphasis is on racing, each race is a great social event as well, so some folks just come along for the party. Want to experience the thrill of racing? Then join one of our crews. No experience required. See our Calendar and add yourself to our racing roster today!


Visit our dedicated Cruising Page. Click Here!

Alberg designs make wonderful boats, not only for family cruising but for the single handed cruising sailor as well. Many have logged circumnavigations, transatlantic crossings and southern ocean voyages with their Carl Alberg designed boats.

The GLAA hosts an annual Summer Rendezvous at a location on Lake Ontario, and members are encouraged throughout the Summer or organize their own informal cruises with other members (and Albergers who might be interested in becoming members) and their families.


With most Albergs long out of production, maintaining aging sailboats is a common concern. This site features an ever-growing archive of Maintenance & How To articles and we invite members to share ideas on everything to do with these fine boats.
Also, keep an eye out for our newsletter, appearing in spring, late summer/fall and winter editions annually.
We feature at least one maintenance, repair or upgrade article in each edition

Our Partnership Programme

This program allows businesses in the marine industry to advertise on our web site with links to their own sites that will allow our members and visitors to easily get in touch with them.

OUR GLAA PARTNERS (click on an ad to view their site)

GLAA Events
See the calendar for updates on upcoming and proposed events for 2022.

Know of an event that Alberg owners and enthusiasts might be interested in?
Have it added to the calendar so we can spread the word as the date approaches.

Click here for the GLAA Calendar

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Please note that, due to unforeseen circumstances, stock of regalia is extremely limited until further notice.
Please contact us via email before placing any order or making an online payment.

50th Anniversary Slideshow

50th Anniversary Fleece Throw/Blanket

50th Anniversary Burgee

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