One of the most important benefits realized by the members of the Great Lakes Alberg Association is the access to the vast knowledge base of the membership. This is especially important as many of the boats in our fleet reach middle age or older. Some owners have completed major repairs and restorations to their boats and this experience is shared freely with other Alberg skippers. Some have documented their efforts and down loads are available from the on-line Project/Repair Index

While many Tech and Repair articles are published in our quarterly newsletter, much information is passed on during our many events during the year. This kind of hands-on and practical experience can't be over rated and isn't found in how-to manuals that cover boats of all types. Some of this acquired wisdom can be found in our How To series.

GLAA Members can also purchase the Association's 25 Anniversary booklet which contains schematics and drawings for many Alberg 30 systems.


An Alberg beyond hope? Not necessarily!